Taylor Swift ‘Eras’ movie review goes viral due to ridiculous criticism

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By journalsofus.com

Taylor Swift‘Eraaz’ film has been torched by a critic who compared his film to the collapse of society as we know it – and all we can say about this over-the-top piece is… Holy Nonsense.

This criticism – which is now going viral for all the wrong reasons – comes courtesy of armand white of national review …which is a well-known conservative outlet, so keep that in mind as we guide you through this nonsense.

White does a thorough sociological examination of the ‘Era’s Tour’ film as you watch it – and you can tell by its title and subtitle how he sees things… “Taylor Swift’s Asylum Seekers… A Film Concert Promotes mind control after Madonna, after Obama.”

You can read it all for yourself, but here’s an excerpt that is meant to be mocked… “Swift’s circus does not replace the thrill of originality and intensity that accompanied the advent of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Supremes, the Jackson Five , about which Gen Z knows nothing. Instead, Swift specializes in abject girl-pop—teenage solipsism, the silliness that kids will ideally outgrow. Yet her songs refer to puppy love as jejune sophistication. Let’s change it to.”

Then he compares the film’s director, sam wrenchto the Nazi propagandist leni riefenstahl …that is, making Taylor’s concerts far more grandiose/aesthetically pleasing than they actually were, as Riefenstahl did for Hitler – at least that seems to be White’s approach.

Not only that, but White actually tries to tie the Swfities together dancing innocently From theaters to mass shooters James HolmesIntimating a relationship by writing… “The teenagers in the TikTok clip who pathetically jump and sing along to the film’s pre-recorded concert are the flip side of the idiots and sociopaths who “Were in line for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ in Aurora, Colo.”


If this sounds strange, that’s because it is… it definitely is Twitter That’s how I feel about it. They’re pandering to White’s hyperbole over something as benign as a concert film.

He ends his scorched-earth review this way… “Boomer parents probably want to let them have fun — like playing matches and playing in traffic. But here’s a scary fact about the Swifties phenom: These kids A leader eager for totalitarianism seems ready for this. Repairing Swift’s moral, aesthetic, and political damage will require counter-revolution.”

FWIW, White is a completely different man here… because almost every other film critic (big and small) has praised the ‘Eras’ movie – an absolute, good time.

Also…his film is poised to top the box office (once again) this weekend.

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