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Terrence Howard is suing CAA over alleged conflict of interest in agency dealings over his compensation Empire,

In the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday, Howard accused his agents of brokering a deal with Fox to prioritize his interests and those of the show’s producers, whom he also represented, and undermining his six Motivated to take salary. -Starring season run in the series. CAA declined to comment.

Howard said, “I trusted CAA to take care of me and they took care of themselves.”

James Bryant, an attorney representing Howard, raises the issue of packaging fees, in which agents are paid directly by studios to connect actors or a director to a writer’s pitch. “Over the last several years, agencies have become more powerful and have found more lucrative ways to make money,” he said. “It’s like being a packaging agent, where you represent the actors, producers, production companies and your own financial interest. This is where that fiduciary duty begins to break down. That is why we are here today.”

In addition to Howard, CAA represented series co-creators Lee Daniels and Danny Strong, as well as production company Imagine Entertainment.

According to Bryant, the lawsuit alleges that Howard was provided misleading information about the salaries of similarly situated actors. When he asked how much other people at his level of fame were being compensated, his agents reportedly gave him false comparisons when he should have been paid at Kevin Spacey’s level. House of cards or in jon hamm Mad Man.

When asked about his salary, Howard said that his deal in season six paid him $325,000 per episode, which was “on par with what I was getting paid”. He further added, “I was never credited as a producer, even though I rewrote most of the scenes and acted in the producer’s capacity.”

The lawsuit also claims there was a racial component to the agency’s alleged refusal to negotiate in the best interests of Howard, who says he was paid up to 50 percent less than top actors on the hit series.

Carlos Moore, the attorney representing the actor, said, “Discovery will show this was racism.” “You won’t find in a search that a white actor — Oscar-nominated, Golden Globe-nominated — was treated like that.”

Bryant insisted, “CAA just said to Howard, ‘We’re not going to charge a 10 percent agency fee this time because we’ve packaged things together.’ In fact, it was a terrible thing because they had no incentive to fight for this guy when he demanded that his salary be equal to all the other major white actors.”

Howard claims breach of fiduciary duty, among others. He is represented by James Bryant and Brian Dunn of the Cochran firm, as well as solo counsel Carlos Moore. He urged other artists to come forward who believe they have been similarly misrepresented by CAA.

This isn’t the first lawsuit Howard has filed over his compensation Empire, one of the most watched shows on the network during its run. In 2020, he sued 20th Century Studios over allegedly unpaid royalty fees for the use of his name and likeness on merchandise. The complaint claimed breach of contract and demanded an accounting.

He also served as the defendant in another lawsuit by his former talent management firm, accusing him of breaching an oral contract by failing to pay him post-termination commissions. Authentic Talent and Literary Management claimed that they were entitled to 10 percent of the total revenue they received from employment in Hollywood during the time they represented them. Notably, this includes Empire,

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