The best photos of cherry blossoms in Washington, DC, in the Tidal Basin

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Washington’s world-famous cherry trees reached peak bloom on Sunday, one of the earliest dates on record. Since then, the scenes have been impressive.

With thousands of visitors skirting the Tidal Basin each day, cherry trees are among the most photographed in the world. The large number of eyes also promises a lot of fantastic angles and perspectives.

Capital Weather Gang readers have been documenting this year’s bloom, sharing dozens of photos with us each day on Facebook, x and Flickr.

We share a selection of our favorites.

Among the hundreds of photographs we received, choosing which one to display here was a challenge. But we are very grateful for all the presentations.

If you haven’t visited the flowers yet this year, there’s still time.

Although gusts of wind Wednesday through Thursday may blow off some of the flower petals, the continuation of this cool weather pattern should help the flowers remain in full bloom at least through the weekend, as the National Cherry Blossom Festival it gets going. However, a storm on Saturday could mark the beginning of the end of this year’s bloom.

If you can’t make it to the Tidal Basin this year, There are many other places in the Washington region to see cherry blossoms.

Beyond the cherry blossoms, spring is still young and many more trees and plants have yet to bloom: Yoshino cherries are among the first to bloom. It’s hard to beat the beauty of spring in Washington.

A dedication to Stumpy: the best of the show

We would be remiss if we hadn’t dedicated a section of this photo roundup to the famous cherry tree nicknamed Stumpy.

The sturdy stump-shaped tree has been full of attention like his time in Tidal Basin comes to an end due to imminent boardwalk repairs.

Stumpy wins our “most photographed” and “best in show” awards for the 2024 bloom.

Here is a selection of photos of Stumpy:

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