The Eagles knew about Lane Johnson’s plans to attend WrestleMania

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On Saturday night, retired Eagles center Jason Kelce and current Eagles tackle Lane Johnson Made a guest appearance at WrestleMania, which took place this weekend at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. The fact that Johnson remains under contract with the Eagles raises questions about whether he is doing something that goes beyond the language of the deal.

This is not a new issue. in 2007, Titans sue cornerback Pacman Jones serving a one-year suspension under the NFL’s personal conduct policy, barring him from participating in pro wrestling. And the Titans won.

“All NFL players have language in their contracts that prohibits them from engaging in activities that may involve significant risk of personal injury,” Titans spokesman Robbie Boren said at the time. “We certainly believe that wrestling is dangerous, and it is clear from the player’s conduct that he is disregarding this aspect of his agreements with the club.”

Johnson had no such problems. According to the Eagles, the team was aware of Johnson’s planned participation. Too, Video Shows he didn’t really do much. Kelsey took over physical activities. Johnson basically grabbed a chair and cheered.

Even though the results are scripted, the action is real. Injuries happen. Ultimately Johnson did nothing to jeopardize his ability to play in 2024.

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