The new Star Wars Outlaws trailer introduces you to the criminal underworld

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It already looked like Ubisoft star wars pirates like he was going to play grand theft auto In space, and the game’s latest trailer only enhances that feeling. It also revealed a proper release date: the game will be available on August 30 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

The new glimpse of the game is mostly a story trailer, and it focuses on the criminal underworld, which is a significant part of it. among criminals, You are introduced to a crime family called the Zerek Besh, which is described as “new, prosperous and deadly”. He also appears to have considerable influence over the rest of the underworld, including groups such as the Hutts and Crimson Dawn. Naturally, they’re also after the main character, Kay Wes.

According to the trailer, K (along with his adorable axolotl-like companion Nix) is forced to buy his freedom, which involves stealing a large fortune from Zerek Besh. It seems like a complex web, and it looks like Kay will have to assemble a team of like-minded crooks to pull it off. Many iconic things are also shown in the trailer star wars Moments like the Sarlacc Pit and meeting none other than Jabba. More importantly, there are Knicks galore.

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