These crimes in the US fell the most in 2023, new FBI data shows

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(NEXSTAR) – The Federal Bureau of Investigation released its latest trove of data on Tuesday, showing that crime figures in almost all categories continued to fall in 2023.

Violent crime in 2023 had fallen 6% from 2022, and murders fell 13%, according to the FBI’s latest Uniform Quarterly Crime Report, which was based on data from 15,199 of 19,152 law enforcement agencies nationwide.

“This suggests that when we have the final data in October, we will have seen probably the largest decrease in murders in one year that has ever been recorded,” said crime analyst Jeff Asher. NBC.

Among violent crimes, murder saw the largest drop, followed by rape (12%). Robberies and aggravated assaults decreased by 5%.

The largest decrease in non-violent crime reports was for robbery, with a 10% drop overall.

However, not all types of crime decreased. A major outlier was motor vehicle theft, which overall increased 11%, with a jump of 38% in the Northeast, followed by 24% in the South and 2% in the Midwest. The West was the only region that experienced a decline (-4%). FBI data shows the biggest spikes were in the largest cities, and reports even decreased in non-metropolitan counties.

“In May 2021, the Department of Justice launched our violent crime reduction strategy aimed at addressing the increase in violent crime that occurred during the pandemic,” said Attorney General Merrick Garland. said in a statement. “Since then, our prosecutors, agents, and grantmaking experts have worked closely with police departments and communities across the country to pursue repeat offenders and the gangs responsible for the most violence; confiscate illegal weapons and deadly drugs; make critical investments to hire more law enforcement officers; and fund evidence-based community intervention initiatives against violence.”

President Biden also welcomed the report on Tuesday, taking credit for the post-pandemic decline in violent crime reports, which peaked in 2020.

“Across America, families want the same thing: the freedom to feel safe in their community. Know that your children are safe. “My Administration is making it happen,” Biden said in a statementHe added that “the previous administration oversaw the largest increase in murders ever recorded. “My administration went to work from day one to solve that problem.”

Despite the president’s victory, polls from late 2023 told a different story when it came to Americans’ perception of crime in the country.

A Gallup poll conducted in mid-November found that 63% of Americans thought crime in the United States was “extreme or very serious.” It was the highest percentage Gallup has measured for that question, and nine percent higher than in 2021.

Republicans were much more likely to say crime was increasing nationally: 92% responded affirmatively, compared to 51% of Democrats.

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