Tony Kushner speaks out in support of Jonathan Glazer’s Oscar speech

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One of America’s most famous writers and one of Steven Spielberg’s collaborators spoke today on the Haaretz podcast about the controversy over Jonathan Glazer’s speech. area of ​​interest Won Best International Feature Film at the Oscars.

Speaking about the protests in the US and their effects, Tony, Emmy and Pulitzer Prize winner Tony Kushner expressed surprise at what he called “the shock after Jonathan Glazer’s immaculate, cogent statement at the Oscars”.

Asked if he identified with Glazer’s comments, Kushner replied, “Of course. I mean, who doesn’t?”

For reference, here is Glazer’s entire speech:

thank you so much. I’m going to read, I’m scared.

Thank you to my producers, actors, colleagues, to the Academy for this honor and to our partners A24 Films and the Polish Film Institute, the Steed Museum for their trust and guidance, for the access.

All our choices were made to reflect and confront us in the present, not to say look what they did then, but look at what we do now.

Our film shows where dehumanization goes at its worst. It has shaped our entire past and present. Right now, we stand here as those who deny their Jewishness and the Holocaust have been hijacked by an occupation that has caused conflict for so many innocent people.

Whether it’s the victims of October – whether it’s the victims of October 7 in Israel or the victims of the ongoing attack on Gaza, all the victims of this dehumanization, how do we protest? Alexandria, the girl who shines in the movie like her life, chose this one. I dedicate this to their memory and their resistance. Thank you.

“What [Glazer’s] “It’s very easy to say,” Kushner said. “He is saying that Jewishness, Jewish identity, Jewish history, the history of the Holocaust, the history of Jewish suffering should not be used as an excuse for a campaign to dehumanize or project murder on other peoples. “It’s a misuse of what it means to be Jewish, what the Holocaust means, and he rejects that.”

He further said, “Who does not agree with this? What kind of person thinks that what is happening in Gaza right now is acceptable? If you find yourself saying out loud and publicly, ‘What they’re doing is fine with me,’ because you feel that as a Jew it’s your only choice to do whatever Israel wants. If you defend him, shame on you.

This week more than a thousand entertainment industry professionals signed a letter condemning Glazer’s speech.

The letter said in part, “We denounce the hijacking of our Judaism for the purpose of establishing moral equivalence between the Nazi regime, which is trying to exterminate a race of people, and an Israeli nation. Who wants to prevent his own destruction.” (in full here).

Still others, prefer He said Star Zoe Kazan has gone public in support of Glazer, and a petition in her favor has gathered 1670 signatures.

Speaking specifically about the situation in the Middle East, Kushner suggested that his views are evolving in terms of how to respond.

“In my journey over the last five months, I have come close to the idea that perhaps a boycott is necessary, but I cannot do it. “I cannot separate myself from Israel.”

The goal, he said, is peace for everyone, including Israelis.

“I want Israelis to be able to live in peace… I believe that the occupation in Gaza… all these things, do not make Israel safe.”

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