Tornado watch issued for parts of the Ohio Valley and Appalachia on Thursday

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CHARLESTON, WV – The FOX Forecast Center is monitoring the possibility of severe weather developing east of the Ohio River along the Appalachian Mountains Thursday afternoon.

The Storm Prediction Center has highlighted an area south of pittsburgh west of Virginia to see the increased risk of electric stormswhich could include hail, damaging winds and an isolated twister.

The storms are expected to redevelop ahead of a cold front that has already reached the western parts of the Ohio Valley.

Most communities in West Virginiaincluding Charleston, are under a tornado watch until sunset, and parts of Virginia and North Carolina are also under a watch.

The stormy weather is courtesy of the same system that produced Dozens of reports of major damage and flooding along the Gulf Coast on Wednesday.. National Weather Service meteorologists said Tornado that hit Lake Charles, Louisianait was an EF-2 and a flash flood emergency was issued for the New Orleans metro.


In addition to the threat of severe weather, any thunderstorms will be capable of producing dangerous lightning and heavy rain.

Several major waterways in the region, including the Ohio River, remain elevated after flooding some Appalachian cities last week, so any additional rain could exacerbate cleanup efforts.

The entire cold front is not expected to reach the East Coast before Saturday, meaning communities in the The northeast could see scattered rain for several days.

Computer forecast models show rain accumulations will be between 1 and 3 inches for many, which could exacerbate already full rivers and streams, in addition to rapid snow melt due to heavy snowfall in the north of Maine last week.

As a result, flood warnings have been issued for parts of the region.

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