Total Solar Eclipse 2024: Live Updates

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1:05 pm Eastern Time, April 8, 2024

The “Passtronaut” has returned to Cleveland in hopes of seeing his first eclipse

From CNN’s Ashley Strickland

Josh Dobbs speaks with CNN in Cleveland.


San Francisco 49ers quarterback Josh Dobbs hopes to see a total solar eclipse for the first time today in Cleveland, Ohio. And with the morning rain and clouds clearing for a beautiful sunny day with Lake Eerie as a backdrop, your chances of seeing the long-awaited celestial event simply increased.

It’s been on his agenda for months, especially after learning about it while playing for the Cleveland Browns last year. A self-described aviation nerd since he was a child, Dobbs pursued his love of math and science (and football) from the age of five.

At the University of Tennessee, Dobbs earned a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering, earning the nickname “Astro Dobbs” along the way. Now, he is better known as the “Passastronaut.”

Dobbs has continued his love of aerospace engineering by repeatedly partnering with NASA, working on the mobile launcher for the Artemis I mission in 2021 and the Regolith advanced surface systems operations robot, RASSOR, for lunar soil mining.

“It not only affects the future of human civilization, but also our daily lives on Earth with the research that is being done in space,” Dobbs told CNN outside the Great Lakes Science Center, referring to the experiments. which take place 225 miles above the Earth in International Space. Season.

Football remains number one for the 29-year-old quarterback, but off the field, he is eager to continue his partnership with NASA and watch the agency push the boundaries of space exploration. And one day, Dobbs hopes to make his dream of being the “Passtronaut” come true by launching a pass to the moon.

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