Traffic to O’Hare Airport resumes after pro-Palestinian protesters block road

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CHICAGO (CBS)– Traffic returned to normal on the Kennedy Expressway Monday morning after pro-Palestinian protesters blocked the I-190 access road to O’Hare International Airport.

Various protest groups Videos shared on Instagram show a group of people sitting with their arms linked on the Interstate 190 on-ramp between Kennedy Expressway and O’Hare.blocking all lanes of traffic heading to the airport.

The protest began around 8 a.m., and dozens of police cars and other emergency vehicles blocked I-190 as police attempted to contain protest groups blocking traffic. Aviation officials said traffic had resumed around 9:15 a.m.

Protesters carried signs reading “Free Palestine” and “Stop Genocide.” Organizers said they sought to disrupt Boeing’s operations, because the company sells weapons to Israel, and to demand an end to the US government’s supply of weapons to Israel.

“On this Tax Day, when millions pay taxes that fund the ongoing US and Israeli bombing of Gaza, protesters are looking to take dramatic action.” the group Chicago Dissenters wrote in an Instagram post.. “O’Hare International Airport is one of the largest in the country, and there will be NO business as usual while Palestinians suffer at the hands of Israel’s US-funded bombings.”

Other videos shared by protesters showed people getting out of their cars on I-190 and walking toward O’Hare with their luggage while the road to the airport was blocked.

A passenger who arrived at O’Hare during the protest shared a video from outside the terminals, showing dozens of people waiting on the sidewalk, with no cars or buses able to drop off or pick up waiting travelers.

Traffic was still moving slower than normal at 11 a.m., and commuters should consider using the CTA Blue Line to get to O’Hare until traffic returns to normal.

Police said several people were arrested, but could not provide an exact number of arrests.

Similar protests were also held in other cities on Monday as part of what organizers called an “economic blockade for a free Palestine.”

a group of protesters Traffic completely blocked on the Golden Gate Bridge connecting San Francisco with Marin County in California.

The protesters also blocked all northbound lanes of Interstate 880 in OaklandCalifornia.

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