Trump attacks Jimmy Kimmel again: ‘This guy is even dumber than I thought’

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Former President Trump on Sunday took the latest dig at late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, whose response to his criticism of the former president during the Oscars went viral on social media.

When asked about his longtime feud with Kimmel on Fox News’ “MediaBuzz,” Trump said, “Now look, look, Jimmy Kimmel is on every night, I think he kills me, his ratings. is dreadful.”

He added, “I heard he hits me all the time, so I thought I’d hit him up because I thought he was a lousy host.”

The long-running feud between Trump and Kimmel was brought to the surface last week when Kimmel responded on live television to the former president’s criticism of his hosting skills during ’ Annual Academy Awards.

The ABC late-night TV host said he wanted to share a “review” with viewers and later revealed that Trump had posted the so-called “Review” on Truth Social less than an hour before Kimmel read it on live television. Wrote a review.

“Has there ever been a worse host at the Oscars than Jimmy Kimmel?” he said while reading Trump’s post to the audience. “He started out as a below-average guy who was trying hard to be something he wasn’t, and could never be.”

Kimmel hit back and said he was “surprised” to see Trump still awake, quipping, “Ain’t your jail time over?”, alluding to the former president’s various legal battles.

Trump said Sunday that he did not expect Kimmel to read his post at the awards, especially before the Academy Award for Best Picture was announced. The former president revealed that some people backstage had told Kimmel not to read the post out loud, which Kimmel also confirmed after the awards ceremony.

“Now the big story is that they all begged him not to do it… ‘Don’t do it.’ He’s probably silly, you know he had to do the task in a short amount of time, like minutes, right? He had a few minutes because he was on the air. He sees this thing and he wants to go there and he wants , I think he’ll confront me and so… he read my truth,” Trump quipped. “I said, ‘This guy is even dumber than I thought.’ This thing went viral, it’s now spread all over the world and all he has to do is keep his mouth shut.

Trump and Kimmel have criticized each other for years, with the TV host making frequent jokes about the former president, calling him out on social media.

Hill contacted ABC for comment.

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