Trump calls New York attorney general’s bonus suggestions ‘impractical and unfair’

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Former President Donald Trump speaks to the media after voting at a polling station set up at the Morton and Barbara Mandel Recreation Center on March 19, in Palm Beach, Florida.


Lawyers for former President Donald Trump on Thursday rejected several of the suggestions made by the New York attorney general’s office about How can you pay bail?.

That includes the idea that Trump could get several underwriters to guarantee bonds for the entire judgment, saying it would still require Trump to post $500 million in cash or stock, money he doesn’t have.

The court presentation occurs as Trump has done now. four days to satisfy the sentence or influence an appeals court to allow you to post a smaller amount or defer posting the payment until after the appeal.

Trump’s legal team argued in the filing that the New York attorney general’s office should not be able to challenge his claims.

If a deal is not reached, New York Attorney General Letitia James has said she will take steps to seize the assets.

The attorney general’s office said Wednesday that it is common for large companies to post billions of dollars in bonds and suggested that Trump should have declared real estate assets in court.

“The suggestion is impractical and unfair. The Attorney General does not cite any New York case law to support this claim. In any case, from a risk perspective, the Attorney General’s proposal for a ‘court-appointed official’ to ‘own real estate’ is functionally equivalent to what the Supreme Court did has already imposed by requiring a court-appointed monitor to oversee the defendants’ business operations,” Trump’s lawyers wrote.

Trump’s lawyers also said that being forced to sell properties in a liquidation sale would cause irreparable harm because they would then be unable to recover the property if they won one aspect of the appeal.

“By requiring a commitment for the full amount of the sentence in order to appeal, the Attorney General and the Supreme Court have attempted to impose a bail condition that is patently unreasonable, unfair and unconstitutional (under the Federal and New York State Constitutions)” . they wrote.

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