Trump claims civil war could have been ‘negotiated’ rather than fought, but doesn’t explain how

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Former President Donald Trump said negotiations could have prevented the Civil War while speaking at a campaign event in Iowa on Saturday, as the more than 150-year-old conflict remains an unexpected talking point throughout the US campaign. Republican primaries.

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Of war, Trump saying “So many mistakes were made,” adding, “This is something that could have been negotiated.”

He stated that if it had been negotiated, “you probably wouldn’t know who Abraham Lincoln was,” but “that would have been fine.”

Trump did not elaborate on what negotiations he thought would have prevented the outbreak of the Civil War, the deadliest war in American history.

Officials tried to negotiate and reach agreements to avoid the Civil War, including at the failed Washington Peace Conference of 1861—many historians I don’t think the war was avoidable, at least not without maintaining slavery.

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“I know very well, I know the whole process that they went through and they just couldn’t get along,” Trump said. “That would have been something that could have been negotiated and they wouldn’t have had that problem. But it was an incredible time.”

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Trump’s comments come as one of his most competitive opponents, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, continues to try to recover from the backlash over her response to a voter question in New Hampshire last month at the which did not mention slavery. as a cause of the Civil War. She faced attacks from her opponents and clarified her comments as recently as this week, saying at a town hall in Iowa that “she should have said slavery.” On Friday, before her most recent comments, Trump joined in the attacks on Haley, narration to an audience in Iowa that “slavery is in some ways the obvious answer.” This is not the first time Trump has reflected on the Civil War. He did similar statements in 2017 he questioned the inevitability of war and suggested that if Andrew Jackson had lived at the time of the Civil War, he could have prevented it from happening.


Trump also mentioned President Xi Jinping of China during the speech, saying: “He controls 1.4 billion people ruthlessly. Mercilessly. No games, right? They said, “Is President Xi of China a brilliant man?” I said, ‘Yes, it is.’ He is a brilliant man.”

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