Trump jokes with courtroom sketch artist that ‘I need to lose some weight’

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Appears donald trump He had a rare moment of self-reflection upon seeing his face in a courtroom sketch, joking to the artist: “I think I need to lose some weight.”

The “moment of levity” was reported by MSNBC reporter Yasmin Vossoughian after Trump made another appearance at his New York civil fraud trial in Manhattan on Thursday.

The former president reportedly stopped to congratulate cartoonists Jane Rosenberg and Isabelle Brourman on their drawings of the proceedings as he left the courtroom during a recess, saying simply, “Good!” But he apparently returned later to offer a second evaluation.

“That’s me?” Trump asked Brourman about the drawing of her, she then relayed to him Reuters. “I think I need to lose some weight.”

A courtroom portrait prompted Donald Trump to make a blunt self-assessment Thursday: "I must lose some weight."

A courtroom portrait prompted Donald Trump to make a blunt self-assessment Thursday.

Jane Rosenberg/Reuters

His defense attorneys on Thursday questioned one of their final witnesses in the case, which centers on an alleged outline of a decade carried out by the Trump Organization to fraudulently inflate property values, and by extension, Trump’s personal wealth, to acquire favorable interest rates on future loans. Trump, as well as the other defendants named in the case, have denied any wrongdoing.

Thursday marked the eighth day of proceedings that Trump attended in person.

He reportedly listened intently for hours to testimony from New York University accounting professor Eli Bartov, who weighed in on the property values ​​and financial dealings at the heart of Attorney General Letitia James’ case. Bartov admitted at one point that the value of the former president’s penthouse in the eponymous Trump Tower had been inflated, but that the error was “not unusual.” He also said he “absolutely” agreed with Trump’s lawyers’ statement that “from an accounting perspective, the attorney general’s complaint was without merit.”

After the day’s proceedings, Trump unleashed a characteristic rampage outside the courtroom, calling Attorney General James a “lunatic” and arguing that the case should be dropped.

He is scheduled to take the stand in his own defense on Monday, the last defense witness in the case.

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