Trump Releases Bizarre Solar Eclipse Ad: With His Head Blocking the Sun, Plunging America into Darkness

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It is a bird? It is a plane? Is it the moon crossing the sun? It’s not donald trumphead.

Seven years after the famous moment in which he looked directly at the sun during the last solar eclipse In the United States, the former president is jumping on the sun-gazing bandwagon once again.

Sunday night, Mr. Trump posted a strange campaign ad in Social Truth where his own head takes on the role of the moon, blocking out the sun and plunging America into total darkness.

The video begins with the words “the most important moment in human history will take place in 2024” emblazoned over an image of the sun on fire, while dramatic music plays in the background.

Images show large crowds gathering to watch the solar event, looking at the sky with protective glasses.

The images move between the amazed crowd and the sun, where a huge silhouette begins to slowly move across it.

But it is not the moon that causes this rare phenomenon. It’s the outline of Trump’s head, complete with pompadour, bushy eyebrows and long neck.

While his head covers the entirety of the sun, creating his own eclipse – a phrase appears on the screen: “We will save the United States. And make it great again.”

It is not the moon that plunges America into darkness. It’s Donald Trump’s head (Donald Trump/Social Truth)

Some social media users were somewhat taken aback by the campaign ad’s message: that Trump will block out the sun and plunge the entire Earth into darkness.

“Oh. So, will Trump standing “in front” of Biden plunge the United States into darkness? (You know. Like an eclipse),” one person posted on X, formerly Twitter.

“You also forgot to include the next frame, you know, the one where the sun reappears. Eclipses are temporary. Like Trump.”

Trump’s April 8 eclipse vision comes seven years after his infamous moment during the last solar eclipse.

In August 2017, the then-president went viral when he ignored all sun safety recommendations by looking directly at the sun with his naked eyes during the eclipse. (AFP/Getty)

In August 2017, the then-president went viral when he ignored all sun safety recommendations by looking directly at the sun with his naked eyes.

Trump was joined by then-first lady Melania Trump and her son Barron on the Truman Balcony of the White House to observe the rare phenomenon.

While Melania and Barron wore eclipse glasses, the former president was seen repeatedly looking at the eclipse without proper eye protection.

At one point, an attendee was heard yelling “don’t look,” while Melania also appeared to encourage her husband to put on the goggles. Looking directly at an eclipse without protective glasses can cause serious eye damage and even blindness.

Donald Trump mocked for watching a solar eclipse without eye protection

The moment began to circulate on social media and resurfaced once again before Monday’s phenomenon.

A total solar eclipse is where the moon aligns perfectly between the sun and Earth, completely blocking the sun and causing total darkness.

In total, an estimated 44 million people are in the path of totality from Mexico to Canada for Monday’s eclipse, and many of them more visitors flock to those areas to experience the rare moment in history.

The solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 will be visible throughout the continental United States, weather permitting. (POT)

Meanwhile, most of the rest of the United States will be able to witness the eclipse at least in some capacity.

Monday’s eclipse will last four minutes and 28 seconds, twice as long as the last solar eclipse in 2017.

However, meteorologists are now warning that severe weather could ruin views of the eclipse in parts of the US, as a severe storm looks set to reach over the western plains into the Midwest.

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