Trump sets fundraising record with $50 million at glitzy Florida event

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Trump praised the success on his Truth Social social media channel.

“Biggest fundraising night EVER!!! He will double Biden’s number from last week on Radio City. People are desperate for change. “They want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” he wrote.

The loot will also go some way. to pay the former president’s huge legal bills as it faces a storm of civil and criminal litigation.

Under an agreement with the Republican National Committee, the first $6,000 of each donation goes to Trump’s presidential campaign and the next $5,000 goes to a political action committee that has been footing the bill for legal costs.

“You can’t run for president without huge amounts of money,” Professor Christopher Galdieri, of the politics department at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire, told The Telegraph.

“Biden has been outperforming Trump and is playing catch-up,” he added.

Biden currently has $192 million in cash and Trump $93 million.

Professor Galdieri continued: “There are many people who like his tax policies more than what they hear from Biden.

“Hillary Clinton outspent Trump in 2016, but she still won. While there is a law of diminishing returns, no one wants to be the activist who says she wants to do it on the cheap, what she wants is to raise as much money as she can.”

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