Two weeks after the raid on Diddy’s homes, there is calm on the news front

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Two weeks ago, federal agents raided Sean “Diddy” Combs’ mansions in Miami and Los Angeles in search of evidence related to a sex-trafficking investigation. The shocking headlines sparked a wave of speculation that Combs, one of the music industry’s most powerful producers, could soon be arrested in connection with one of five recent lawsuits accusing him of sexual assault. He has denied all the allegations.

But since then, there have been no arrests and very few revelations, if any tabloids “Diddy rides his bike around Miami amid federal investigation” was the best that TMZ could do for a headline Thursday.

The next day, multiple news outlets reported a new lawsuit against Combs – He has been accused of instigating his son to allegedly sexually assault a woman – but its current status is unclear. Meanwhile, tabloid photos show Combs relaxing outside with a towel draped over herself, smiling, holding a peace sign and posing. photos In Miami.

On Friday, Combs posted his “Victory” music video, in which he runs from Los Angeles police, to Instagram with the caption “Bad Boy for Life.”

But Diddy’s apparent lack of concern — and lack of recent news — doesn’t mean his troubles are diminishing.

Michelle Simpson Tuegel, a Dallas lawyer who has worked on high-profile sexual assault cases, says it will probably be several months before federal investigators take the next public step. He said they were examining electronics collected from the music mogul’s residences, perhaps in an effort to corroborate interviews with witnesses and accusers.

“When you’re dealing with someone like him who may have a cellphone, multiple systems, multiple laptops, and who does a lot of business and probably communicates a lot, there’s going to be a lot of digital information, ” Tuegel said.

In federal criminal cases, it typically takes more than a year to collect and investigate digital evidence, Tuegel said, but the speed of the home raids following Diddy’s lawsuits shows that investigators are taking longer than usual in high-profile cases. Moving forward more rapidly. Test.

The lawsuit, reportedly filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, is the sixth suit in five months to name Diddy as a defendant. Specifically, it accuses him of renting a yacht on which his son Christian Combs allegedly attacked a woman, Grace O’Marcaigh, while she was working as a yacht manager in December 2022. Was.

But as of Saturday, the filing was not visible on the court’s online docket. O’Marcaigh’s lawyer Tyrone Blackburn said it had to be removed after an unpublished version of the complaint was published in the news media.

Christian and Diddy’s attorney Aaron Dyer said in a statement that the lawsuit was “another egregious and meritless claim” from Blackburn, who is also the attorney in the sexual misconduct lawsuit that music producer Rodney Jones filed against Diddy in February .

“This complaint is filled with the same kind of fabricated lies and irrelevant facts we have come to expect from Blackburn,” Dyer said. “…We will file a motion to dismiss this outrageous claim.”

O’Markey’s lawyers have not yet commented on the contents of The Washington Post’s complaint, but Blackburn told NBC News that “We have no pleasure or joy in filing this lawsuit against Christian Combs, who has clearly has formally adopted the patterns and practices of his father.” Corruption.”

O’Marcaigh’s other attorney, Rodney S. Diggs told NBC, “I’m here to fight for people who can’t fight for themselves and I applaud Grace for coming forward so bravely with her truth.”

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