Van Jones slams Haley’s ‘painful’ comment ‘I had black friends growing up’

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CNN analyst Van Jones called Nikki Haley’s attempt this week to explain past comments she made about the Civil War “painful” to hear.

When asked about her recent failure to cite slavery as the cause of the Civil War, Haley said during a CNN town hall on Thursday that she “should have said slavery” when a voter asked her about the cause of the conflict, adding: “If you grow up, in South Carolina, literally in second and third grade you learn about slavery.”

“You grow up and you have… I had black friends growing up, it’s something that’s talked about a lot,” the Republican presidential candidate said.

Jones, a former Obama administration official, said during the network’s post-town hall coverage that Haley’s attempt to explain herself amounted to “wiping it with a dirty rag.”

“I think it says something about the Republican base that they are so afraid that there are large numbers of people who can’t hear that, that they have to tiptoe around every tulip they can find and wrap themselves around the axis by not saying things.” how true,” Jones said. “I found it painful. I mean, it’s not personally painful, but it’s uncomfortable to see a grown woman not be able to say what any kindergarten teacher could say, any third grade teacher could say, because there is something strange in her or in this party that she will not be able to say. tell the truth.”

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CNN’s town hall meeting with Haley was just days before the Iowa caucuses and the Republican Party’s fifth primary debate, which will air on the network next week. She and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) trail the race’s front-runner, former President Trump, by double digits in most polls.

Trump will skip next week’s debate and opt to sit in on an event of his own that will air that same night on Fox News.

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