Victims, suspects and responses to the UNLV campus shooting

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Brett Johnsen speaks with CNN's Erin Burnett Wednesday night.
Brett Johnsen speaks with CNN’s Erin Burnett Wednesday night. cnn

A student who was inside the University of Nevada Las Vegas campus building where the shooting occurred said no one was concerned at first when they heard a noise during class.

Brett Johnsen was attending class on the second floor of the business law building when his professor stopped mid-class after hearing a loud noise, but said it didn’t sound like a gunshot, so the professor continued teaching.

“Then an alarm went off,” Johnsen said. “I’ve never heard an alarm like that before, it didn’t sound like a fire alarm.”

Students in the class began packing things relatively calmly, Johnsen said.

“When we started leaving the class, that’s when things got real,” he said.

The expression on their teacher’s face turned to panic and he urged the students to go back, close the door and get on the floor.

“If the shooter came into our classroom, basically we were all sitting ducks,” Johnsen said.

Moments later, the teacher opened the door to check that it was clear and advised the students to run. Johnsen said he ran as fast as he could down the stairs of the building and got out as far as he could.

He said everyone on campus was telling each other to run and evacuate.

“It seemed like every cop in Las Vegas was at UNLV,” Johnsen said.

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