Watch a tornado rip through Fort Lauderdale as storms move across Florida

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As a storm hit Florida and unleashed its devastating consequences on January 6, a swirling vortex landed in the heart of the city, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. On Saturday, a huge tornado hit Fort Lauderdale, Floridawhich triggered a tornado warning from the National Metereological Service Around 5:45 p.m. Many local residents documented the storm by capturing videos of the event.

Twister Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale(Twitter (X))

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Watch Tornado Damage Homes in Fort Lauderdale Amid Florida Storms

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On Saturday night, a tornado touched down in Fort Lauderdale, which is located just west of the intersection of Las Olas Boulevard and the Intracoastal Waterway. Homes were damaged, power lines snapped and debris scattered as the tornado moved toward the heart of the city. Although no injuries have been reported so far, residents anticipate receiving multiple reports of potential damage once the storm subsides. The full extent of the damage is currently unclear.

Videos shared by residents on social media show a large tornado in the city center causing a ruckus and leaving behind flames and sparks. Have a look!

Florida Storm Update

According to the Sun Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale Fire Battalion Chief Garrett Pingol stated that the tornado developed over land shortly before 6 p.m. He said that “as it gained strength,” it made contact with some structures, power lines and marine vessels in that immediate area. “before moving eastward until reaching the ocean.”

The publication also updated that at the time of reporting, no injuries or displacements had come to light. Earlier, amid storm concerns, Fort Lauderdale received reports of a boat in distress and damage to the roof of a home. Pingol reported that “The Fire Department received calls about a damaged boat on Las Olas Circle and a house with a damaged roof on Southeast 10th Street. “They checked the boats in the Las Olas basin and confirmed that there were no injuries.” The National Weather Service acknowledged reports and radar signals indicating a potential tornado near Federal Highway and Las Olas. However, they mentioned that an official confirmation would come on Sunday after investigators evaluate the situation.

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