“We’re going to see him” – Dutch Mantel believes eight-time champion will return to WWE after more than nine years at Survivor Series (Exclusive)

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Former WWE manager Dutch Mantel, aka Zeb Colter, believes that CM Punk will return to the company at Survivor Series.

The eight-time champion was released from his WWE contract in 2014, following which he was away from pro wrestling for over seven years. Punk joined AEW in 2021, but his journey with the company was filled with controversy and ended last month after he was fired from the company following a backstage brawl.

WWE has removed many Give Feedback Reference CM Punk over the past few weeks, leading many to believe that the star could appear at Survivor Series, which will take place in his hometown of Chicago. Dutch Mantel also shared the same thoughts while speaking on the latest edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling smack talk,

“I still think it’s the wrong direction. I think we’re going to see him. He’s swimming out there and I think they’re going to do that.” [51:37 – 51:52]

Vince Russo believes CM Punk should not return to WWE

cm Punk He has been a topic of discussion ever since he was fired from AEW. Shortly after, rumors of his return to the Stamford-based promotion began to surface, leading to several teases on WWE programming.

However, Vince Russo believes that the former AEW Champion should not return to his old hunting grounds. wrestling legend where did it go That Punk shouldn’t hitch his ride to any promotion and should do his own thing.

“I’ve got to tell you. The thing is, man. If I’m CM Punk, I’ve built a great brand for myself. Brawl has built a great brand for CM Punk. If I’m Punk, I’m done. Will take my wagon to anyone. Take that brand and do your thing. Right after that, we got a show with EC3. If EC3 could start his own wrestling promotion with a fraction of the money Punk has , If I were a punk, my days would be over working for anyone. “The only person I’m out here working for is me,” Vince Russo said.

CM Punk’s last appearance as a World Heavyweight Champion was at the Royal Rumble 2014. He left the company on a bad note as he was fired on his wedding day. However, the star was backstage at Raw earlier this year, where he set the tone.

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