What each zodiac sign may reveal this week with the April 8 solar eclipse

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The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries will occur on April 8, 2024, opening up new ways to level up and get back to what we want.

We are embarking on a new journey full of self-discovery which can be painful but exciting once we get on the right track and stay true to our dreams.

Journaling can help build a solid foundation for the months to come as we deal with changes. You have come here to sacrifice something from the past and sow the seeds for a new beginning.

On the 9th, the Moon enters Taurus, encouraging us to merge with our heart’s desires. The Moon will remain in this sign until Wednesday, April 10, as our communications intensify as the Moon enters Gemini on the 11th.

Taurus is a friendly reminder to reconnect with our value system and be more aware of the love we include in our lives. Find ways to channel more Venusian energy and be more motivated to socialize with friends and/or family.

The Moon being in Cancer on the 14th helps us feel connected to home at the end of the week. After the strong impact of the eclipse, things start slowing down. It’s the best day to relax, unwind, cook something fun, and be in the comfort of our home with the people we love.

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What each zodiac sign may reveal the week of the April 8 New Moon Solar Eclipse:

Aries: Be patient

Although this solar eclipse will give you the energy you need to shine and be free, you may feel pressured by Mercury retrograde in your sign, which may lead to some squabbling. Remember to live like a diplomat this week. Listen to others, be a leader, and impart your knowledge. Your plans will continue to grow but first, try to be present in the moment and don’t rush.

journal prompt: Ask yourself why you need to rush and write down ways you can learn to be more patient with yourself and your progress. Are you taking care of yourself? Think about and write down ways to help you do things slower if necessary.

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