When will the total solar eclipse appear over Dallas?

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By journalsofus.com

DALLAS – After months of anticipation, the total solar eclipse will finally arrive on Monday.

The historic event, which will not occur in North Texas for the next 300 years, includes more than 4 minutes of totality as the sun will be covered by the moon, darkening skies across the region.

Here’s when to expect it:

The partial eclipse will begin at 12:20 pm in Dallas, then from 1:40 pm to 1:44 pm the eclipse will reach totality. After completing totality, the partial eclipse will remain in Dallas until 3 p.m.

Viewers at home can follow the eclipse along with WFAA all the time, with digital coverage starting on WFAA.com, the WFAA YouTube Channel and the WFAA+ streaming app to 7 a.m., and that digital coverage will extend until 4 p.m. For a full look at WFAA’s broadcast plan, read more about it. here.

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