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The biggest wrestling event got off to a strong start on Saturday night. WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia got off to a hot start with the crowning of a new champion and plenty of highlights. However, there was no match more important for Sunday than The Rock and Roman Reigns taking on Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins.

The WWE Universal Champion and self-proclaimed “Final Boss” took care of business in a tough match against the World Heavyweight Champion and the “American Nightmare” in Saturday’s main event. Ultimately, it would be “Bloodline Rules” when Reigns would face Rhodes following victories over two members of the Anoasis family.

That means you can expect plenty of outside interference from members of Bloodline, including The Rock, Solo Sequoia and Jimmy Uso on Sunday. The odds will clearly be stacked against Rhodes as he looks for revenge after falling short in the main event of WrestleMania last year.

Two other world championship matches are scheduled for Night 2, with Rollins defending her World Heavyweight Championship against Drew McIntyre and WWE Women’s Champion Iyo Sky putting her belt on the line against Bayley. Additionally, Logan Paul will defend the United States Championship against Kevin Owens and Randy Orton in a triple threat match.

Sunday night will also see the epic finale to the intense rivalry that has lasted for several weeks between LA Knight and AJ Styles. There was also a scuffle between the two at a media event on Friday, which left Styles covered in blood. Who knows how they’ll fare once they’re in the ring and ready to rumble.

CBS Sports experts gathered to provide predictions for each match on the card. Let’s see how they think all the action in Night 2 will go down.

WrestleMania 40 Night 2 Predictions

The Pride vs The Final Testament

You could give him months of vignettes, repackages, two managers, and a badass tag team and I still wouldn’t care about Carrion Cross. Please let Bobby and the Profits end this rivalry so both groups can move on to something else. Select: Pride Wins – Connor Casey (also Brent Brookhouse)

A dispute between two in-between factions who were not booked to their potential. This could go either way. Lashley and The Street Profits are safe choices, not inspired ones. AOP was discontinued for a long time and Cross has been rebooted repeatedly over the past two years. The stable may be a little hokey or crowded but they have a lot of intensity as a brutal heel faction opposing any popular babyface. Rhodes will send the crowd home happy, so let’s tease them a little with this match. Select: Triumph of the Last Testament –Shakeel Mahjouri

LA Knight vs AJ Styles

Knight is WWE’s true success story going from unwanted to undisputed. He has been quiet since losing to Reigns at Crown Jewel, but most of the superstars are in the lead up to the two main events of WrestleMania. Knight and Styles have done a great job of increasing the intensity of their feud. They may benefit from match betting this weekend or later. In most cases the knight should win this match. Even though he wants to take this feud past WrestleMania, the 41-year-old Knight has waited more than 20 years for this moment. give it to him. Pick: LA Knight Wins – Mahjouri (also Brookhouse & Casey)

United States Championship – Logan Paul (c) vs. Kevin Owens vs. Randy Orton

Orton is a bit big of a name to be United States Champion and Owens doesn’t really need the title. Paul having the title – and retaining it here – is unfortunate because he’s not an every-week player on television. Still, his name garners a little extra attention and it makes a lot of sense to take advantage of Owens and Orton beating each other and getting another chance to defend their titles. Pick: Logan Paul retains the title – Brookhouse (also KC and Mahjouri)

WWE Women’s Championship – Io Skye (c) vs. Bayley

I feel bad for Bailey. Here he is at the end of a years-long storyline with a faction he helped create and a matchup that will finally give him a definitive WrestleMania performance. And yet it probably ranks seventh on the two-night card in terms of fan excitement. She’ll get the win and hopefully be given enough time to do something special, but in Philly it feels like that’s an afterthought. Pick: Bayley wins the title – Casey (also Mahjouri and Brookhouse)

World Heavyweight Championship – Seth Rollins (Captain) vs. Drew McIntyre

McIntyre deserves his WrestleMania moment just like Rhodes does. McIntyre is arguably the best superstar of this year. He has evolved into a witty, vengeful heel with relatable grudges. He’s on the microphone with CM Punk and Rhodes, who is the best speaker today. McIntyre won his first WWE Championship in a vacant venue during the pandemic-affected WrestleMania 36. It took a long time for McIntyre to have a proper celebration in front of his family and 60,000 fans. Pick: Drew McIntyre wins title — Mahjouri

Full credit to McIntyre for the great work he’s done recently, but while I believe Rollins will be on the losing side on Night 1, it seems hard to believe he’ll suffer another loss on Night 2. Also, good job to everyone McIntyre, you know WWE is eyeing a feud between Rollins and CM Punk for the title in the future. Based on the full Punk timeline for the return, it makes sense for Rollins to retain the belt here. While Punk has issues with both men, he should be more angry at McIntyre for rubbing the injury recently, and he’ll be on commentary, in a position to turn the tables one way or the other. Pick: Seth Rollins retains the title – Brookhouse (also KC)

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship – Roman Reigns (c) vs. Cody Rhodes

Although we won’t know until Night 1 ends on Saturday, we believe this match will be contested under Bloodline rules. This would stack the deck against Rhodes in a way that only a true babyface superstar could overcome – and that’s Rhodes. They’re likely to add some backup in the form of both those he’s associated with who are angry at Reigns’ actions over the years and perhaps a few veteran superstars and suddenly things even out. Furthermore, failing to pull the trigger on a Rhodes victory here would be a terrible mistake for WWE, which has failed to produce many top babyfaces over the past 18 months. Pick: Cody Rhodes wins title –Brookhouse

It all comes down to this. Cody was cheated out of the WrestleMania main event a year ago. He has been defeated week after week by The Rock and Roman Reigns. Bloodline cost them the tag team main event titles the night before and now they’re facing the longest reigning champions in decades, with no rules holding them back. The odds couldn’t be increased any further – so now you have a win for Kodi.

But he will not be alone. Since Reigns has the entire team at his disposal, let Rhodes have an “Avengers Assemble” moment and run an army of wrestlers even in the most extreme circumstances. There are plenty of people to choose from who have a score to settle with Reigns – Seth Rollins, Jey Uso, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Randy Orton and LA Knight to name a few. And if they really want to go crazy, let John Cena and Steve Austin run in there too, just for the obscene pop that both of them would generate.

There’s no point in trying to have another standard wrestling match between Cody and Roman. We had that only last year. It’s time to go all out; No idea is too crazy, no place is too indulgent. In the moment it will feel like a car crash, but if Rhodes walks out as champion, it will be considered a classic. Pick: Cody Rhodes wins title — How

There was a collective groan when Rhodes lost to Reigns at WrestleMania 39. Paul Levesque urged patience but it was difficult to see the decision as anything other than a blunder. WWE almost ruined it twice this year by replacing The Rock with Rhodes. Luckily, they moved on beautifully in response to fans’ rejection. The two main events of WrestleMania 40 are some of the most anticipated events in its four-decade history. Perhaps this is not the maximum limit but delaying it further is a huge gamble. Rhodes must become the undisputed WWE Universal Champion and accomplish the one thing his father, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, never did. Pick: Cody Rhodes wins title — Mahjouri

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