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one more yellowstone Fighting is a brewing thing!

Co-creator and showrunner Taylor Sheridan has filed a lawsuit against one of his own stars – Cole Hauser, who plays fan-favorite, murderous-but-romantic Rip.

It’s all about coffee.

Sheridan’s Bosque Ranch – a filming location for yellowstone And 1883 – On November 21, a lawsuit was filed in Texas federal court against Hauser’s coffee company, Free Rein.

Problem? The brand logo of Free Rein’s Coffee Company looks similar to the brand logo of Sheridan’s Company. To confuse matters a bit, the brand logos look like literal cattle brands – Bosque’s logo has an intertwined “BR” and Free Rein’s has an intertwined “FR”.

The lawsuit alleges “trademark infringement, unfair competition and false advertising” and seeks free rein for a logo that is “confusingly similar to the BR brand for nearly identical merchandise” and further alleges that Free rein is “trying to misrepresent or deceive one’s affiliation, connection, or association with the farm”. In other words: Sheridan’s company already operates there, and Free Rein does not have free rein to use a similar logo that is allegedly “irreparably harmful to Bosque Ranch.”

Bosque Ranch (left) and Free Rein (right)

Bosque Ranch announced its coffee brand in July that reflects “the cowboy lifestyle” and its advertising copy notes, “The one thing as essential to a cowboy as his boots and saddle is coffee.” This is our fuel. Bosque Ranch Craft Coffee is bold yet smooth and perfect for sipping throughout the day. And sometimes the whole night.” While Free Rein Coffee launched three months later, saying that its coffee was “born from the cowboy tradition” and its product names were “American Dirt” and “Heavy Spur”.

Both coffees’ websites respectively depict Sheridan and Hauser in cowboy hats, standing outside holding a cup of java and looking dejectedly into the distance. Neither party is commenting, so it’s not yet clear whether the lawsuit will stop Free Rein’s use of the logo.

The lawsuit adds to the slow wave of controversy over the hit Paramount series, which has been on a long hiatus for various reasons including Sheridan’s feud with another star of the show, Kevin Costner, who has seemingly backed out of filming. . Production sources have attributed the actor’s busy schedule, while sources in the actor’s camp have claimed that Sheridan worked on too many TV projects so he could not focus enough on the show, and that Sheridan himself This pointed to Paramount’s increasing demands for more material. Streaming service.

Costner has also threatened to sue Paramount over what he believes is owed money for the show’s remaining Season 5 episodes, which have not yet been shot, and it is unclear whether the actor will participate.

Instead, Costner is directing and starring in a series of Western films titled horizonThe first two of which are scheduled to be released next year. yellowstone Production is expected to resume early next year and return for its final episodes in late 2024.

Costner also has a coffee deal in the works, including an outdoor photo of him wearing a cowboy hat and holding a cup. Coffee Name: Horizon Blend.

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