Zoo Animals Adopt Nocturnal Behaviors as Eclipse Passes

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By journalsofus.com

INDIANAPOLIS — While most Hoosiers kept their eyes on the sky during Monday’s total solar eclipse, staff at the Indianapolis Zoo kept watch the behavior of your animals.

As expected, the moment of totality “tricked” the animals into believing it was night.

The zoo noticed his macaws, which are normally quite boisterous, quieted down and perched on top of their enclosure, which they do at night. Budgies and other birds at the zoo showed the same behavior.

“I’m standing right next to their aviary and they’re totally silent now. Not a peep, not a movement,” said Indianapolis Zoo President and CEO Dr. Robert Shumaker. said in a video shared by the zoo.

The cheetahs strolled around the highest point of their garden, which they normally do at night, and the zoo’s wild boars huddled near the back door of their space. The flamingos also fell silent and huddled together, thinking that night had fallen.

The zoo also posted a video of staff and visitors reacting to the moment of totality on Monday. One visitor commented that the lions began roaring as night fell shortly after 3 pm EDT.

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